European Café Tour

Project title: European Café Tour 


Project implementation timeframe: 2016-2017 


Target group: population in the region, local community leaders 


Project goal: The project aims at initiating dialogue among the experts, the population in the region and the community leaders over various social problems, as well as facilitating experience sharing of the Slovak Republic and other countries in the central Europe on the aspects of EU integration. The expert will present real life stories to the public on the European integration process of the Slovak Republic.    


Project description:

“The First European Café Tour” is implemented in the frames of the project “Georgia’s European Way”. The project commenced in March 2016 and continued till March 2017. Throughout the project Slovak and Georgian experts visited different regions of Georgia. The first phase of the project was organized in Rustavi, Marneuli, Telavi, Akhalkalaki, Tianeti, Mtskheta and Gori, whereas the second phase took place in Zugdidi, Mestia, Tsalenjikha, Chkhorotsqu, Kobuleti, Lanchkhuti, Sachkhere and Chiatura.   


Project organizer: The Institute for Global Security Policy (former Slovak Atlantic Commission) 


Project supporters: Information Center on NATO and EU, SlovakAid