NATO – Choice for a Peaceful and Stable Development

Project title:  “NATO – Choice for a peaceful and stable development”. 


Project implementation timeframe: 2013-2018 


Target group: Public and private school teachers 


Project goal:  the project intends to inform the teachers on NATO goals and objectives, ongoing processes of NATO-Georgia cooperation and the role of Georgia in building Global security.


Project content: Educational Seminar for teachers has been implemented for six years already where the teachers from different regions of Georgia participate together with their colleagues from Tbilisi. During two days the participants meet with the representatives of NATO Liaison Office, the professionals from the state agencies, the ambassadors and the experts from NATO member states which give them a possibility to familiarize with NATO history, current developments, the aspects of NATO-Georgia partnership and so forth.


The project has been implemented on a continuous basis and has been implemented for 24 times already, covering the teachers residing in Tbilisi, as well as the teachers from almost every region of Georgia, including ethnic minority regions and villages across the occupational lines. The project participants are the teachers of history, geography and civil education. To date more than 700 teachers has been trained.



Project organizer: Information Center on NATO and EU.

Project supporters: NATO Liaison Office in Georgia.