NATO-Georgia Public Diplomacy Forum

Project title: NATO Public Diplomacy Forum  


Project implementation timeframe: 2016-2017 years 


Target group: representatives of non-governmental organizations, governmental agencies and media.


Project aim: to facilitate dialogue with the society about the importance to fight anti-Western propaganda. 


Project content: 

One of the major challenges facing North-Atlantic Alliance today is increased anti-Western campaign and propaganda. Therefore, it is of vital importance to engage the public in the dialogue about the necessity to fight the abovementioned problem.


The Public Diplomacy Forum is organized in response to these challenges and threats. It is an event organized annually by the Alliance in Brussels. Since 2016 the Forum is held in Georgia as well. The two-day conference provides an opportunity for the representatives of non-governmental organizations, professionals of state agencies and the media to engage in the discussion on the current issues with the professionals from NATO member states. Through the working meetings, international and Georgian experts debate over the solutions for the emerging challenges in the region and develop plans for future cooperation. NATO Public Diplomacy Forum is the first free platform focusing of strategic communication in Georgia.


Project organizer: Information Center on NATO and EU; Office of the State Minister of Georgia on European and Euro-Atlantic Integration; Ministry of Defence of Georgia.