European Teacher

Project title: „European Teacher”


Project organizer: LEPL „Information Center on NATO and EU”


Project partners: Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, LEPL National Center for Teacher Professional Development. 


Project supporters: International Center for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD), Embassy of Slovakia in Georgia, Embassy of Georgia in Slovakia, Embassy of Georgia in Austria.


Target group: Teachers of State Vocational Education Centers/Colleges.


Field: tourism: food and beverage, hotel service, management; construction 


Goal: to develop vocational education in Georgia, to share knowledge and experience in the area of vocational education of Slovakia as the EU Member State as well as to raise awareness on the European Union and to promote the European values.


Project implementation: The selected candidates will undergo interview process and attend working meetings prior to the study visit. The teachers selected and trained in the frames of the project, will travel to Slovak Republic (Bratislava) for study purposes. The teachers will have the opportunity to meet with the representative of governmental and non-governmental organizations in Bratislava, as well as the representatives of Georgian Embassy in Slovak Republic, Slovak colleagues, vocational training students, to visit the Center for Teacher Professional Development and State Vocational Education Institute. The study visit will advance the knowledge and experience of study visit participants, contribute to experience sharing and elaboration of plans for future cooperation among European colleagues.


Procedure for selecting project participants:

Step 1 – registration at the website

Step 2 – Selected candidates will be invited for interview. 10 teachers will be selected based on the interview results.

For further queries, please email:  infocenter@eu-nato.gov.ge