One more Georgian Company will join NATO Response Force

“Charley” Company of the12th Light Infantry Battalion of I Infantry Brigade of East Command of Land Forces accomplished SEL-2 in the framework of OCC E&FP. Today, an official document testifying to the successful accomplishment of SEL-2 by the Company personnel was concluded.

The Combat Training Division of J-7 Military Education and Combat Training Department of the General Staff of the Georgian Armed Forces is leading the above-said programme.

The preparedness level of the Georgian military unit was evaluated with a final demonstrative training. Deputy Chief of the GS Brigadier General Zaza Chkhaidze and the officers of other NATO HQs observed the progress of the exercise.

According to the scenario, I Infantry Brigade personnel carried out an offensive against the conditional enemy at the Vaziani Military Airfield and used armoured humvees and other types of armament. The wounded serviceman was also evacuated by a helicopter.

At the following stage, “Charley” Company of I Infantry Brigade will go through NEL-2. After accomplishing this level successfully, the Georgian military unit will become fully interoperable with NATO and be used during the next three years purposefully. “Charley” Company is the second Georgian military unit to join the NATO Response Force.