Today Georgia represents a significant partaker in the provision of the Global Security. As the security of Georgia is an integral part of the Global Security, the contribution to the Euro-Atlantic security is directly reflected on the security of our country.


Georgian Armed Forces perform an exemplary service everywhere, where needed. Georgia has been participating in peacekeeping missions since 1999: several thousands of Georgian servicemen have contributed to missions in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.


While participating in peacekeeping missions Georgian servicemen receive high level military trainings and get unique combat experience. Taking part in international missions along with military forces of NATO member-states significantly contributes to the development of military capacities of Georgia and the achievement of full compliance with NATO.


The Armed forces of Georgia have gradually transformed into modern, compliant with armed forces of the world leading countries, and mobile military force; today Georgian military servicemen are welltrained, well equipped and motivated professionals, with strong belief that far from homeland they are serving to peace across the world and, first and foremost, to national interests and security of Georgia.


Gaining international support and a consolidation are some of the key factors in achieving our goal of the European and Euro-Atlantic integration. In this regard, the contribution of our servicemen is invaluable as we strength our positions and gain sufficient support. Our participation in peacekeeping missions supplements to the topicality of Georgia in international forums and reinforces Georgia on the agenda, which is highly important for the democratic development, strengthening sovereignty and advancing the process of Euro-Atlantic integration.


By participating in peacekeeping operations Georgia proved to be a reliable partner to NATO, which has been repeatedly emphasized by the Alliance and its members. Georgia has become a contributor to the Euro-Atlantic security- one of the criteria for the NATO membership.


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