Central Europe under the fire of propaganda: Public opinion poll analysis in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia

The ultimate goal of Russian propaganda in Central Europe is undermining citizens‘ trust in the European integration project, contesting the importance of NATO as a viable military defence pact, and the membership of the Central European countries in it. Events such as the conflict in Ukraine, migration crisis, civil war in Syria, or the recent attempted coup in Turkey are therefore used in Russian and pro-Russian disinformation media channels to disseminate the story of a morally corrupt and incapable West and aggressive US, which wants to destroy Russia using NATO. Secondary target in such efforts are independent media in the target countries, which are portrayed as biased, serving foreign interests and concealing the truth from the public. Russia under Putin`s leadership, on contrary, is portrayed as a protector of the so called traditional values, saviour of the Slavic nations, and a viable economic and political alternative for the countries of Central Europe.


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