NDI – Support for Georgia's NATO membership increased

According to the survey of the United States National-Democratic Institute (NDI), the number of respondents, who support Georgia’s NATO membership, has increased compared to the NDI previous survey. The poll shows that 75% of respondents support Georgia’s integration into the Alliance, up from 60% in previous survey. According to the survey, 17% of respondents are against the country’s NATO membership, while 8% could not answer the question.


According to the survey of NDI, 81% of respondents support Georgia’s EU membership. According to the same survey, 12% are against it, while 6% could not answer the question. 

The survey was fielded between June 23 and July 8 and 2 409 respondents were interviewed in all. It has a margin of error plus, minus 1.9% The research was conducted with the financial assistance of the UK Aid.


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