To raise awareness on Georgia's European and Euro-Atlantic integration process among principals and teachers of Pankisi Gorge Public schools

Project "To raise awareness on Georgia's European and Euro-Atlantic integration process among principals and teachers of Pankisi Gorge Public schools"



Program implementation period: December, 2018 - February 2019


The purpose of the project

Within the framework of the Joint Initiative of the Office of the State Minister of Georgia on Reconciliation and Civic Equality and LEPL Information Center on NATO and EU, with support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, and based on the State Strategy for Civic Equality and Integration and respective 2015-2020 Action Plan the draft version of a program aimed at raising awareness among of Pankisi Gorge Public schools principals and teachers on Georgia's European and Euro-Atlantic integration process is introduced. The project highlights its efforts to provide the teachers in Pankisi Gorge with accurate information about Georgia’s European and Euro Atlantic integration. 


The principals and teachers of public schools will get an opportunity to travel to Europe and get acquainted with European lifestyle, structure of European institutions as well as European culture and values, which will ultimately increase the interest of program participants toward Europe and will activate their engagement in the process of European integration.


The target group: teachers of Pankisi Gorge public schools and school principals.


Progam is funded by the Delegation of the European Union in Georgia.


The focus is on the above-mentioned group for the following reasons:  

  • A special emphasis is made on the representatives of conservative religious minorities - ethnic Kist population;
  • Public school directors and teachers are active citizens in the Pankisi Gorge. They are influential among different groups of population;
  • Teachers and principals afterwards will establish communication with different groups of the society;
  • They have direct communication with young people and influence their views and values.


Implementation of the program


The program implementation includes the following steps:


Step I

Selection of teachers / principals from the Pankisi Gorge schools and creation of a group of 20 participants for the study tour – 7 principals of public schools and 13 teachers;

Step II

LEPL Information Center on NATO and EU will organize a two-day seminar in Tbilisi for the participants on the issues of Georgia’s European and Euro-Atlantic integration. The aim of the seminar is to provide teachers with the primary information about European values and to prepare for a study-visit to Europe. Also, participants will be trained how to plan and implement projects and make the presentation. 

Step III

Study-visit will take place in Europe. The participants will visit Brussels, Belgium for four days. With the assistance of Georgia's representation in Belgium and the Delegation of the European Union the participants will pay a visit to European institutions, get acquainted with the structure of these institutions, and have meetings with the representatives of different institutions. Within the framework of the visit the cultural program is also planned (visiting local educational centers, museum, etc.) 

Step IV

After the study visit, the project participants should prepare presentations and conduct public seminars for schoolchildren/teachers/principals of the Pankisi Gorge’s public schools based on their gained experience and knowledge through the project.

Step V

The closing ceremony and assessment of the pilot project.