Europe Days 2019 kicked off in Georgia!

On the 5th of May, the solemn opening of the Europe Days 2019 took place in Georgia. The opening started in the Rike Park with the arrangement of the “European village”. Various cognitive, entertaining and sports activities were organized by the EU delegation in the open air.

Visa- free travel simulation staging was organized in the “European village” by the LEPL Information Center on NATO&EU of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia. The participants received a detailed information on the visa- free travel procedures. On the 4 display stands featuring the Justice House, hot line of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as the Ministry of Internal Affairs represented by the border control, the guests had a chance to get insight into the useful and interesting information, received the necessary documentation and after getting a stamp in the simulated passport crossed the border into the EU member states.

The Europe Days will last further on with diversified and interesting activities. Within the frames of the event the following activities are planned: Seminars for the teachers-“A Teacher-Guide to Europe” as well as seminars “Europe-Historical Choice” for the mayors of various municipalities and city council chairpersons in the 10 regions of Georgia. Information campaigns and meetings will take place in ethnic minority regions and in the villages near the occupation line for the representatives of the executive power and experts as well as contests, sports and entertaining activities.  In total some 80 activities are planned within the frames of the EU days.

The Europe Days will last till the end of May. This is the 7th year in a row that the activities have been organized by the LEPL Information Center on NATO&EU and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia. The aim of the EU days in Georgia is to inform Georgian citizens on the issues of EU/Georgia relations, the ongoing integration process as well as to increase engagement of the various target groups into the issue.