European Days 2017

European Days were celebrated for the 5th time in Georgia traditionally throughout May 7-25. The celebration of European Days stands as one of the most significant projects of the year in the frames of which diverse events and activities, focusing on the issue of Georgia and EU partnership, take place. In line with considerable increase in anti-Western propaganda, it is of utmost importance to engage public in an intensive dialogue on Georgia’s European Integration and to facilitate its active participation in the related processes; this, on its turn, will ensure preservation of high and aware public support for Georgia’s European integration.

The celebration was carried out with diverse and interesting activities, covering: the project “Teacher-Guide to Europe”, where the total of 100 teachers from Tbilisi as well as the regions participated, including the teachers residing in the villages located along the Occupation Line, “Touching the Rays” - an exhibition of artworks of Kati Matabeli, presented with light and sound adaptations for persons with disabilities, “Unity in Diversity” - a cultural event, where the students presented information stands of EU member states, public lectures, the amateur cycle race, study visits for youths residing in the villages located along the Occupation Line, seminars for ethnical minority youths, chef Ambassadors, seminars for local self-government authorities and so forth.  

European Days 2016

Throughout May 2016 European Days hosted 105 different events and activities. Information Center on NATO and EU staff members together with their partners and experts hold information meetings with more than 5000 citizens of different age groups and interests. Teachers, university and school students, farmers, clergymen and the public officers – were informed on the benefits and opportunities behind Euro Integration for our country. European Days 2016 were implemented with the support of the Office of the State Minister of Georgia on European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, Prime Minister of Georgia, The Parliament of Georgia, Tbilisi City Hall, EU Delegation to Georgia, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Estonian Embassy in Georgia, the Center for Development and Democracy (CDD), the Union “21st Century” and non-governmental organization “GLOBSEC”.

European Days 2015

Official opening of European Days 2015 took place on May 4th at Tbilisi City Municipal Assembly. Davit Usupashvili - Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia, Valdis Zatlers - Former President of Republic of Latvia, Janos Herman – Ambassador and Head of EU Delegation to Georgia and His Holiness and Beatitude Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II greeted the participants of the opening ceremony. During the event “European Way is My Choice”, a booklet illustrated with EU related themes, was presented to the audience.  

Diverse events and activities took place in the Capital City, as well as in the regions including: “There, where you belong” – presentation of drama sketches, created by young theatre directors.

European Days 2015 was organized by Information Center on EU and NATO with the support of the Office of the State Minister of Georgia on European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, the Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection and the EU Delegation to Georgia.

European Days 2014

In 2014 European Days were celebrated throughout May 5-14. It was launched by the conference “Our European Choice”. "The European Days have started in Georgia a few weeks before the signing of the Association Agreement and it is of utmost importance that this year we have large-scale celebrations of the European Days. This type of events is very significant for raising public awareness and I am glad that wide range of representatives from all spectrum of society is participating in the celebrations"– stated Alex Petriashvili, the state Minister of Georgia on European and Euro-Atlantic Integration.

In the framework of the European Week the meetings with students, representatives of academia, farmers, probationers, as well as the tournaments, exhibitions and other interesting events were carried out in Tbilisi and in the regions.

European Days 2013

European Days have been organized in May by the Information Center on NATO and EU for five years already. During May 7-11, 2013 it was celebrated for the first time in Georgia. In the frames of European Days different events and activities took place in Tbilisi and the regions of Georgia: the meetings were organized with students and university professors (academic personnel), the winners of different competitions were awarded, sports activities as well as green actions were carried out.