Teacher-Guide to Europe

Project title: Teacher – Guide to Europe. 


Project implementation timeframe: 2014-2018 years


Target group: Public and private school teachers 


Project aim: To educate the teachers on European values, to stimulate their interest towards the process of Euro-integration and facilitate their active participation within their competence.  


Project content:

The project is implemented through two major elements: 

The Seminar - the registered participants will be informed on the history of the European Union, European values, the EU-Georgia history and Euro integration process of Georgia.

The contest – participants of the seminar as well as other teachers, willing to join the project plan and carry out projects with the goal to integrate EU themes and to support popularization of European values through the extra curricula activities within public schools. The authors of ten the most successful projects will visit EU Member States for study purposes.

The seminar has supported training the total of 500 public and private school teachers of History, Geography and Civil Education. 


Project organizer: Information Center on NATO and EU 


Project supporters: LEPL National Center for Teacher Professional Development, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Estonian Center for Eastern Partnership, Estonian Embassy in Georgia.