EUMM’s Hotline Reduces Hostilities by Fostering Communication

For the last decade, the European Monitoring Mission (EUMM) has been active in the conflict zones near the Administrative Boundary Lines (ABL) with Abkhazia and the Tskhinvali Region. The main goals of the mission are to prevent further hostilities, build confidence in all parties, and to facilitate a normal and safe life for conflict zone communities.  In 2009, to foster communication between both sides in an attempt to prevent further hostilities, the EUMM set up a hotline which operates 24/7. There are two Hotline holders who act as a first point of contact for incidents that occur near the border regions. Because the Hotline operates 24 hours a day, holders can respond promptly and appropriately to issues, and relay information to their counterparts such as Georgian law enforcement, representatives from Abkhazia and the Tskhivali Region, and Russian Federation border guard personal.


The Hotline deals with issues such as medical crossings, installation of fences, detentions, cattle crossing, and agriculture. It also deals with access to water supply and other humanitarian issues. The Hotline cultivates the timely resolution of conflicts, and has proven quite successful at preventing hostilities. Since its activation in 2009, the Hotline has been called over 6,000 times. Erik Hoeg, head of the EUMM in Georgia, discussed the impactful role that the Hotline plays in reducing conflict; “The Hotline serves as a catalyst for cooperation between conflict parties. At the same time, it defuses tensions and prevents escalations, it represents an excellent instrument for confidence building, and it contributes to improving lives of people on both sides of the Administrative Boundary Line”.